Teaching Options

Landscape Photography Course

For Intermediate and Established Photographers.

There are three parts to this course which is designed specifically for people who want to focus their learning on producing high quality landscape image.

Part 1 – Classroom Session

This is where camera skills are taught which may include getting out of auto mode and into complete control of your camera. For photographers who already understand camera basics this session will cover advanced control of the camera specifically aimed at delivering the best photographic results. Wether you are a beginner of have existing skills are the end of this session you will be at the same level. Cost will be agreed based on this the number of sessions required.

Part 2.

In this session we will get out into the world and put your new cameras skills into practice. This is for me an exciting session where you will capture images you never thought possible. Cost will be based on chosen location and number of sessions chosen. Generally one outing is sufficient to put your new learning into practice.

Part 3 (If Required).

In this session we will cover image processing to polish and sharpen your images. It’s important to realise this is about bring out the best in an already strong set of images and is not about trying to recover a set of images that are of poor quality.

    Cost of three parts is dependant on numbers but with four students will be at £150 per person