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For Beginners, Intermediate and Established Photographers.

Event Photography

Event photography is an exciting addition to my portfolio. It has been introduced to support photographers who are interested in creating images which are outside of the normal genre. Creative ideas are also more achievable using my vast off-camera lighting equipment.

If you’re interested in getting involved:

  • We have set up a private membership group on Facebook, currently with around 40 photographers, to ensure that creative events are available to all members.
  • Typically, I provide battery pack off-camera lighting with 10 numbered radio triggers, so we limit numbers to 10 photographers per event, this ensures that each photographer is able to capture a range of beautifully lit images.
  • If everyone within the main group is interested in being part of a particular event, then we will run it up to 4 times so no one misses out.
  • New events are listed on the private page so that photographers can choose when they want to participate.
  • Once a shoot is fully booked, we create a new Facebook event page with the photographers who have signed up and importantly the models who will be photographed. The event page is used by photographers to share images and it allows the models to access images too.
  • If models would like a high resolution copy of the images shared, they are able to contact the photographers individually via the Facebook page.

The Benefits

It’s satisfying to report that photographers from camera clubs are regularly winning competitions with images they have captured during events already delivered.

The events always make for an enjoyable day and are a fantastic opportunity for photographers to pick up new skills and try something different.

Photographers who have no experience of off-camera lighting are offered a Zoom tutorial to prepare them for an event shoot. However, I am always on hand to assist anyone who requires support during an event.

A few simple rules help to keep everything reasonable and respectful:

  1. Models/subjects will not use images without acknowledging the photographer.
    Models/subjects will not modify or re-crop original images
  2. Models/subjects will not use images for advertising without the agreement of the photographer (including point 1 above).
  3. Photographers will share images to the private event page but will also be free to use images in for example websites and open social media platforms.
  4. Photographers may wish to create artistic edits of their image to be used outside of the private event page but within the event page simple clean edits will be preferred
  5. Photographers will not add signature strips to images within the private event page although the inclusion of meta data is expected.

Although membership to the group is limited, there are also options to run one-off events tailored to your group – for example camera clubs.

Get in touch with me to discuss further phone 07805141846 or email

Sample images from previous events that I have organised. some my own and where credited by photographers from the event group.