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Living art

A big thank you to Phil. I had always wondered how some photographers were able to capture such amazing photographs with perfect lighting and making the subject matter pop, whilst the pictures I took just didn't make the mark. It comes down to camera craft. After just a few sessions with Phil I noticed a seismic improvement in my photography. The adjustments sounded complicated but in practice were so easy. I'm so thrilled with the results. My only regret is I should have done it sooner.

Anil Doshi

Anil Doshi
Living art

Phil's work is incredible, especially the photographic portrayals of well known artworks.
I have been lucky enough to have many of his works printed and framed, and we display them proudly in our home. I have also gifted some to my family who are hugely impressed with his skill and ability to capture a feeling on camera. Hugely though provoking and inspiring work from a truly wonderful man.
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The above image used in this post my recreation of through the living arts Group "the mother reading painted by Rembrandt" this one of the Images Grant has framed printed and framed

Alex Earl

Alex Earl

A lovely wedding couple who were a pleasure to work with

Nadine and Steven

Working with students at Sunderland University providing classroom session, studio shoot and photoshop processing

Student Woolfe Fashion

Thank you Phil for the great work you did taking pictures of all our tutors at Side By Side Arts. We asked you to capture that wonderful moment when the musician is totally absorbed in the music they are playing. You did that beautifully with just the right amount of equipment and lighting to get the shots, yet keeping everyone comfortable and relaxed. We now have a gallery of your pictures at our base in Bensham, Gateshead where students and visitors can see who we are and that we teach and perform.
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Ednie Wilson

Phil took me into St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle upon Tyne helped me set my camera to take this image of him. Thanks Phil
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Ian Trinder

Phil is brilliant as a photographer and a tutor. His passion for photography is contagious. Phil knows his subject so deeply and provides a clear explanation to every question without using the obscure jargon that some photographers like to use.
I really enjoyed every lesson. The sessions were pitched at the right levels with a good mix of theory and practical making it easy to learn new skills.
I now understand the fundamentals of photography and finally know how to use my camera properly.
The whole experience has been outstanding and I can’t recommend Phil highly enough.
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Ella Wilks

Over the past 9 years Phil has taken many photographs of my family as they have grown from kids to adults. He has taken family shoots and also graduation and promotional shots for their music careers. The pictures reflect not only his skill at photography but his way of quickly putting you at ease and getting the very best shots. His preparation and ideas ahead of each session have resulted in images I will treasure forever. On top of this Phil is a great guy who puts effort and time into creating the best images.
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Rachel Shakir

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phil Punton Photography several times over the last few years. As a full time professional musician, I need great images that help promote what I do, and also capture the moment. In that capacity I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great photographers over the last twenty years. Phil is a superb. He puts you at ease, with a brilliant eye for capturing the moment. His images are amazing. His use of light is beautiful. I’ve used his photos again and again. He’s the first person I would call to do my wedding, event, gig, portrait, promo work; pretty much anything.

Richard Gardener

I highly recommend Phil as a photography teacher. I learnt basic camera techniques, lighting and composition at his 6 week course at St Mary’s Heritage Centre. But he didn’t stop there, he’s arranged workshops and outdoor shoots, improving my photography skills so much. He goes beyond teaching and becomes a friend, always approachable for advice on all photography matters. A highlight for me was an invitation to attend a Historic and Mythical Imagery event at the Hatton Gallery which was amazing.

- Margaret Annable

Phil is a brilliant photographer and an all-round great guy. He is so passionate about his work and has a natural way of putting people at ease. Every job he has done for me has been so professional, resulting in stunning pictures, every time. You can always rely on him to do a fantastic job and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

- Anna Hodgson

Phil is a brilliant photographer and provided the Poster photo for my documentary film “From Pit To Parliament “ as well as photos for publicity and for the web site for Hadrian Films. Will definitely be using him again. Have lost count of the number of people who have asked for copies of the film poster photo.

- David Jewel

Fantastic photographer and service. Used Phil now a few times and would not go anywhere else. He is so good at making you feel comfortable and really welcoming and friendly. The images speak for themselves but are absolutely fantastic every single time. Thanks Phil always a pleasure to work with you.

- Emily Childerston

Phil’s images are simply stunning. He strives for perfection, and achieves it through hard work and innovation, constantly trying out new techniques and fine-tuning established ones. He is very friendly and does his best to put everyone at ease. I attended one of his 10 week courses 3 years ago, and am really enjoying using what I have learned from Phil, to improve my own photography and develop my interest. He has continued to give our group support and encouragement and I’m really grateful to him for all he has done for us.

- Jane Ainsworth

Phil is an outstanding photographer and has the ability to capture the most amazing and stunning images in a variety of settings. I have worked closely with him on weddings and have seen the results of his work. He is very friendly and helpful and makes everybody feel at ease. I was so impressed by his work I enrolled on one of his outstanding photography courses and he has inspired me to take my own photography to another level. Highly recommended.

- Ian Conway

Dear Phil,
I’m looking forward to seeing you later in the week and astonished by your continued modesty. You are a friend of mine (I hope) and I would find it difficult to provide negative feedback for that reason.
However, the overall quality of this portfolio absolved me of any accusation that I’m being kind to you.
Matt and Anouski are delighted by every new wave of images, which is what matters more than everything else. You have brought out the best of a very pretty bride and a stunning dress and made her look beautiful on a very important day. You have also captured the essence of a great weekend, one of the best of my life, with all of the wedding and group shots.
I can’t thank you enough for fulfilling my trust in you and producing such a great set of images. You’ve made a number of the most important people in my life very happy and that makes me very happy. A thousand thanks.
When the project is over and you have completed the portfolio, can we talk about producing a bound album, for Clare. With your permission, when all is done and dusted, I’d like to post a recommendation on the “Which Local” website, which I mentioned to you. This is endorsed by “Which” magazine.
Anybody can access the website and if they look for wedding or portrait photographers within a number of miles of their postcode they find recommendations from “Which” members. As I say, when you’ve finished the project, I’d like to post philpunton.com, but only with your permission can we talk about it?”

- Trevor

Lush night with WCC photographing Tom, the man in the hut! Big thanks to Phil Punton for the masterclass xxx

- Lesley Hudpith

I left the course yesterday quite jubilant. I learned more in the last half an hour than I had with my camera over the
Last 7 years.
The first two sessions I was quite comfortable with the subject matter. Yesterday was inspiration to me. It brought together many fragments of conceptual understanding which I had not actually used or experimented with. The course in general is a great amalgam of theory, concept and practice and I am picking up so much practical photographic knowledge. Each session is a delight.

- Nick Basarab

I really mean it! I’m still not 100% sure how I managed to pull it off but I’m massively proud of this pic and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your tuition. ? I haven’t forgotten about getting you into the hospital to do some pics. There’s a lot going on at the minute and I just need things to settle down so I can sort it out properly. See you next week!

- Lynn Watson

I had owned a digital camera for about two years but never really knew how to use it to its full extent. Phil has opened my eyes to the delights of digital photography. His genuine enthusiasm and willingness to help all attendees, irrespective of photographic knowledge, really drives the course forward. He also explains the techniques that are part of his professional toolbox, and is in my mind, the measure of a true teacher/instructor.

It is not easy to cover all aspects of digital photography in a few one hour sessions but Phil seems to have the right balance between explaining the photographic techniques and practical exercises in each session. I believe that he has whetted the apatite and generated enthusiasm for digital photography of all that take up his lectures.

- Steve Watson

I really enjoyed Phil’s 10-week course and feel I have learned a lot about how to use my camera effectively. The sessions are a good mix of tutorial and practical work and Phil quickly made everyone in the group feel relaxed about contributing to the sessions. I can highly recommend his course for anyone wanting to go beyond the auto settings on their camera to improve their photography and to produce images to feel proud of.

- Jane

Phil has been our photographer at David Harvey Hair for about 4 years now. He has produced some great work, from photographs of our staff and the salon for our website and printed booklets to superb images of models for hair competitions. He is totally professional, has a knack for lighting, which coupled with his attention to detail, makes him the perfect choice as a photographer.

It’s always a great experience working with Phil he is very knowledgeable and creative, and takes a great deal of pride in his work. I can alway rely on his expertise to get the results I am looking for.

- David

An excellent service for our corporate rebrand. Phil was very accommodating to our needs and discussed different options with us when we were not sure. Very easy to work with, friendly and made staff feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo session. We were delighted with the fast turnaround and the quality of the images supplied.

After just one session I am off auto function and capturing some great memories. I am using functions and buttons I didn’t even know existed. Phil has a great knack of turning complicated into simple. His love and passion of photography rubs off on you so be prepared to not want to put your camera down afterwards! If you are looking for somebody to teach you how to use your camera properly then look no further.

Phil is a first-rate photographer who has great enthusiasm for sharing his considerable knowledge and expertise in all areas of the art. His ability to use light, both natural and studio, is very impressive. I would be thrilled to be able to produce images half as good as his.

- Fiona Haughton

My name is Craig Jose and I am head coach and owner of Northern Kings Gym in Newcastle. We have used Phil Punton for sports photography on a number of occasions. He is very easy to work with and always delivers quality images of our Muay Thai technique in practice and also action shots from our shows through our sister company Victory Promotions. I would highly recommend Phil for any sports photography.

- Craig Jose