Phil Punton is a professional photographer based in the North East of England and his photography has taken him around the world.

He has years of experience capturing a massive range of image styles ranging from portraiture, sport and dance to supporting the local and national media and the NHS.

Also regarded as a highly popular trainer and mentor, Phil’s passion for teaching photography has been realised through classroom sessions, workshops and live events.

Recent works have included the recreation of great works of art. This enterprise has involved working with a large team of performers, crafters and organisations to ensure that the delivery is a true reflection of the original paintings.

Phil is confident in his work and has a natural way which always puts both clients and students at ease.

This website is intended to show the variety of Phil’s work (more images, less words) and each set includes images captured with natural light, artificial light and a combination of both; the art is to ensure that the image looks natural and true.