I am a photographer based in the North East of the United Kingdom in small village called Blackhall Mill.   I live with my wife Jeanette. My younger son Joseph is now studying at Teeside University. My two other children Lisa and Ross now grown up and live away from our home.   My photography takes me all over the UK but also abroad to for example India, Italy, Ireland.   I have been taking photographs for many years and within this section I hope to explain why you should engage and trust me to deliver your photography requirements.

My website focuses on three main themes, Weddings, Portraiture and Corporate photography.  I would like potential clients to understand however, that this does not represent all of my photography business interest or skills.  My blog posts for example cover areas of photography not featured within these three criteria.  So my aim when you first visit my site to draw your attention to my main area work.

If however, you require something else then please read on.  Another example of my work not extensively featured my website is family photography.  Although I have a DBS check I still do not share photographs of check this link Family unless I have parental consent.   Within my testimonials there are nice messages from happy parents which I am happy to share.  Their comments concern my approach which is to smile, engage and encourage with humour.  Photographers who do not do this end up in a conveyor belt system where images do not capture the warmth and quality that all children possess.

In my teaching role the full extent of my interest and experience is utilised if you sign up for either a 1:1 course or a class you will learn quickly how to improve you photography.  We do not spend hours admiring other photographers work, my aim is to get you to the point where people admire you work.  Students will be introduced to for example: Landscape, Still live, Sports, music photography.  This link to my testimonial page is the best way of showing you how well my teaching is receive.

I am also working with a group of creative people to enjoy recreating works of art.  This is my way of making sure that my photography will always involve expression of something beautiful that is created to please me and hopefully others.  Although this work is not being commissioned it will ensure clients can see what can be achieved when additional light in blended with available ambient light.   This may inspire interest leading to commissions that allow me to become really creative   check this link to see what the Historic and Mythical Imagery group are doing.

My last comment in this about section concerns charitable work.  I provide a free photography service for the Cares Trust Tyne and Wear  and also the  Royal Victoria Infirmary Bubble foundation .

Last year working with my wife Jeanette we also provided a free Wedding photography for a charity that ran a competition to raise money for cancer treatment.  if you need help or support let me know ands I will do my best to help.