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Beamish Photography Course

For Beginners, Intermediate and Established Photographers.

For anyone interesting in developing their photography skills then my Beamish Photography Teaching Session is for you.

For anyone who loves people photography as I do there is honestly no better place to capture images which will be reminiscent of art inspired by artist such as Caravaggio.  The people in costume many who are volunteers are willing to pose in rooms which are also perfect in style.

It  is like stepping back in time.  Understanding how to set your camera correctly to capture images balanced between light and shade is not difficult and allows the use of natural light and window light to create stunning images.

So a group of 4 photographers will meet on at Beamish. We will spend around 40 mins working through a tutorial ensuring you will learn the best method of capturing beautiful images.  This will  cover both DSLR cameras and mirror-less cameras.  We will then work thought the site capturing images in multiple locations this will be for approximately 3 hours.  We will also take a break to discuss any concerns and resolve them.  One student who I guided through the process won the best image of the year from his camera club.

Price per person £50

For more details about my Beamish photography teaching session please contact me here or via my Facebook page.