The Singing Butler

Sep 15, 2021

On Sunday 12th September, after so long apart, the Historic & Mythical Imagery Group came back together to recreate our latest living Art Project ‘The Singing Butler” by the Scottish Artist Jack Vettriano painted in 1992.
Thank you to our performers Pat Dunscombe, David Fox, Steph Mossman and James Hogg. Also to acknowledge massive support with everything behind the scenes from Denise Booth Hornby and her friend Catherine Ball.
Driving up to Beadnell in Northumberland was worrying with rain coming and going. On arrival we were well looked after at David’s home thank you to his partner Ann, where we were able to add material to costumes with pins to create the right effect and get into costume.
On the beach the weather settled down and we had a brilliant time recreating the painting as well as enjoying a barbecue and a small glass of wine. (David may have had a couple more but he was not driving).
Interest from the public – mostly Scottish folk – was brilliant and so relevant considering they all loved Jack Vettriano their local hero . We all agreed that this was a great way to spend an afternoon, so more to come soon.
Hope you like our recreation featured above which is not an exact copy but our interpretation.

The Original Jack Vettriano painting


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