Event Photogaphy Beach Viking shoot

Jan 31, 2022

As a thank you to photographers who are signed up to my event Facebook page, I organised a beach Viking shoot at Tynemouth. Not the first time, I have introduced a group of photographers to an amazing group performers of people who love to bring history to life. The Viking re-enactors are made up of actors, leather smiths, carpenters, seamstress, and people who are passionate about history.

On this occasion I decided not to limit the number of photographers and just let the event happen. Although the normal sharing of off-camera lighting triggers and turn taking wasn’t possible in the same way, seeing everyone have so much fun was well worth it!

Not only did everyone have a great day but stunning images were captured and shared. It’s been incredible to see the results.

We were also lucky enough to be visited by ITV Tyne Tees’ Jonny Blair who recorded the event for the local evening news, interviewing myself, a couple of Vikings and a photographer – which was fantastic publicity for the event.

Sample images from the shoot were provided by one of the photographers Melanie Wood and header image by John Brown.  Next time I really must take my camera too!

Keep a lookout for more information about upcoming events.