We are based in the North East of England, Newcastle upon Tyne, covering weddings in Durham, Sunderland, North and South Sheilds, Scotland, Manchester, Leeds etc.   As well as the rest of the country and world.  So in the sets below you will find a lot of images captured in the united kingdom.  but there are also examples from India, Italy and Northern Island.  When people ask how far we are prepared to travel, clearly Mumbi India seems to do the trick.

Your wedding day is very special,  my aim would be to capture images that bring back wonderful memories in weeks and years to come.   You may want a set of images that are traditional and formal,  modern and contemporary, or fly on the wall.  My first job would be listen to you and make sure that I understand exactly what you want from your photography package.   I can of course assist by making suggestions; however, my aim is always to make sure that I am completely clear as to your expectations to ensure you are not disappointed.

To record truly natural moments, I will sometimes need to melt into the background so no one notices me.  At other times I need to create an image through efficient organisation.  Working together my wife and I have gained confidence and experience through photographing a lot of weddings both in the UK and abroad.

Great photo opportunities occur during every wedding and my skill is to recognise and even predict these moments.    I would also need consider how you would like your final images to be presented.  This may include images in colour, black and white, sepia or a combination of image types.   An image may be technically perfect but if there is no emotion then it’s just a photograph.  What I would deliver is the story of your day that captures magical moments that few noticed at the time and that no one else recorded.

Jeanette and I have put together a short presentation that shows you how we can work with you on your special day.

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