Course options support complete beginners through to professional photographers who want add to their existing portfolio.

My photography training is based on a combination of classroom and practical camera use. This method ensures that students really master the camera controls and capture images that they would have previously thought impossible.

There is nowhere better than the North East coast, or the vibrant Newcastle upon Tyne area, to learn how to really control your camera. Whether you are currently shooting in automatic mode and want to learn how to take better photographs for pleasure, or you want to start your own photography business, then we have a course that will fulfil your photographic expectations.

Course delivery can be face-to-face or via a webinar service. All teaching is underpinned and supported by clear visual tutorial material which is shared electronically after each tutorial session. Students will learn how to take full advantage of digital camera controls and, depending upon course selection, will be encouraged put their learning into practice photographing a range of photographic themes. Access to a private social media page allows student groups to complete homework assignments and to get constructive feedback outside of the structured lesson plan. This combination of classroom learning and practical application ensures that students rapidly gain confidence and love their photography.

Basics and Beyond Photography Course

Aimed at a group of between 5 to 10 students

This photography beginner’s course is aimed at students who want to get out of automatic mode and take control of their cameras. The course is structured to work for a small group of between five to ten students. This allows me to make the course affordable and also create a positive teaching environment where students can learn together and inspire each other. The course will ensure students are confident in basic camera controls before building to a full understanding of their camera’s capability.

All students have a passion for some form of photography. At the end of this course students will be taking photographs of things they love that will exceed their expectations. This is a promise and a fact confirmed within the many positive testimonials that I receive.

Course is delivered over 30 hours face to face with additional on line support
(10 x 1½ hour classroom sessions and 3 x 3 hour location sessions)

inclusive to this course I also set up a private Facebook page where feedback on student images is provided both during and after completion of the course. More detail is provided at the end of this section.

This course is not about the class visiting a beautiful location and me telling them how to set their camera to capture that perfect photograph. This type of session is commonly advertised and may well deliver one or two great shots on that one outing. The problem is, what about the next time you go out?

Every time you use your camera the lighting is different, therefore the location will always present different challenges and opportunities. So, rather than learning how to take that ‘one-off’ perfect image on the day, I will teach you to understand why specific settings are entered into your camera so that you will develop the confidence to adapt and use your camera to its full potential.

You will learn exactly how to control your camera

You will understand how the camera effectively ‘thinks’; for instance, when to apply compensation (brighten or darken an image) to ensure the perfect and accurate shot every time. So many times people have said to me “the camera just could not capture what I was looking at”. I can say, with confidence, this photography teaching course will ensure you won’t face that problem. When you understand how your camera works, you will know how to make the right adjustments before pressing the shutter release. You can then record an image which is beautifully accurate and probably exciting and creative.

Outdoor practical – landscape, waterfall and street photography

This course includes a number of practical elements designed to reinforce what you are learning. Included in the course will be three outdoor practical shoots; landscape, waterfall and street photography. These will link directly to the tutorial sessions so what you learn in the classroom will be put directly into practice.

Total cost for the beginners  photography course = £200 per person.

Basic and Beyond teaching is also available on a 1:1 basis and for some photographers specific parts of this course only can also be provided.  

For a price to meet your specific need please make contact.

For students not able meet face to face a zoom version of this course can also be provided. 


Wedding Photography

I have covered wedding photography all over the UK, as well as India, Spain and Italy.

Many photographers express fear concerning the pressure and responsibility of taking wedding photographs which should capture the most important day in a couple’s life. Having covered weddings for some years with my wife, Jeanette I feel well equipped to help photographers to enter this competitive market with real confidence.

Practical experience in a church with a Bride and Groom and a Priest

This comprehensive course includes a full day classroom session and an on-site church practical shoot with a Bride and Groom and a Priest. The objective of the course is to provide photographers with everything they need to know, from winning wedding jobs to delivery of stunning images that generate great feedback and future business. You will meet people who are interested in finding a photographic partner as two people working as a team definitely takes the pressure off as you are getting started in photographing a couple’s wedding day.

Course is delivered over 2 day sessions

Day One

A full day interactive classroom session supported by comprehensive slides and support documents covering all aspects of Wedding photography:

  • first meeting – how to sell yourself – presentation – key message – quotations – winning the job
    preparation for the big day – removing stress – organising the job – organising your kit
  • the wedding day – how to capture a set of key images that will delight the couple
    delivery – processing and delivering the image set
  • payment – all aspects of ensuring you are paid without stress

Included refreshments (two breaks) and lunch (menu choice selected in advance).

Day Two

A half day photoshoot with stunning Bride and Groom models to ensure you are able to capture images that will delight your clients:

  • shooting within a beautiful church
  • using off-camera lighting to capture studio quality images without main power
  • the use of speed lights to provide fill flash successfully.


All presentation material including how to manage the first meeting to quotations and invoicing will be provided electronically so you will be able to adapt for your own use.
Sample key images will also be provided to help you plan your particular photography package.
Day One will include three breaks – two tea/coffee breaks, one lunch break. In advance of the course attendees will be able to select from a lunch menu.

Total cost for the WEDDING photography course = £200

Additional Support

If required, a 3rd session can be organised online to assist with processing images using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

Cost for online ADDITIONAL SUPPORT = £20 per hour


Studio Photography

A large part of my business is based on providing head shots for various corporate clients including the NHS, local councils and various local businesses. Working with light and photographing people is my particular interest and passion.

This course can cater for small groups or 1:1 teaching

This course will cover all technical aspects of camera and lighting settings as well as how to work with a subject to help them (and you) to relax.

Course is delivered over 4 hours (2 hour class room and 2 hour studio session)

Cost will vary for larger and smaller groups or 1:1 sessions
Cost based on a group of 4 students

Total cost for the STUDIO photography course = £150


Location Photography

Sometimes a photographer just needs support to get the best results on a shoot, especially if it is a special occasion or an opportunity that will not be readily available again.

This may be as a follow up to a classroom session or simply an agreed location meeting where camera settings are selected to meet the local conditions. Examples of the types of occasion are listed below but other types of photography can be covered:

  • Street (people and/ or buildings)
  • Sports
  • Birds
  • Wildlife parks
  • Landscape
  • Wedding
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Party or family

Cost will vary if travel out of the local area is required.

Cost for the LOCATION photography course = £35 per hour (local)


Landscape Photography

There are three parts to this course which is designed specifically for people who want to focus their learning on producing high quality landscape image.

Part 1 classroom session

This is where camera skills are taught which may include getting out of auto mode and into complete control of  your camera.  For photographers who already understand camera basics this session will cover advanced control of the camera specifically aimed at delivering the best photographic results.  Wether you are a beginner of have existing skills are the end of this session you will be at the same level.  Cost will be agreed based on this the number of sessions required.

Part 2

In this session we will get out into the world and put your new cameras skills into practice.  This is for me an exciting session where you will capture images you never thought possible.  Cost will be based on chosen location and number of sessions chosen.  Generally one outing is sufficient to put your new learning into practice.

Part 3 (if required)

In this session we will cover image processing to polish and sharpen your images.  It’s important to realise this is about bring out the best in an already strong set of images and is not about trying to recover a set of images that are of poor quality.

Cost of three parts is dependant on numbers but with four students will be at £150 per person


Speed light photography (flash)

For many years I have avoided teaching how to use a speed light as the cost was always buying them was prohibitive.  However, now it is now possible to purchase a speed light for about £60. This has made teaching the subject both practical and will add a massively useful resource to any photographers who wishes to broaden their range of photography.

My course is aimed at ensuring adding light when capturing images both internally and externally improves the quality of the images captured and ensures the resulting images do not look artificially lit.

This course includes two hours of classroom teaching then one hour practical.  with a group of 4 to five the cost is £35 per person.

Presentation content

My leasons will take you from how to hold your camera up to capturing stunning images.  Click on link or simply click through sample content  content below from a range of tutorials which will be supplied after each lesson.  

Link here  Sample Tutorial content