How pleased I was to be the only photographer invited to photograph this special event. Mrs Claus had no idea that Santa arranged this special shoot to get photographs that would be used to make a special Christmas card. Santa called me out of the blue and asked me to find a few children who had been especially good this year. That was no problem at all there are so many good children it was really a case of who replied first. Santa was wonderful and talked to the children for almost an hour. Although I was very nervous this allowed me to get some really nice photographs. Just to be on the safe side while they were sitting in front of him he checked his naughty book but as I already new there was nothing in his book so they were indeed good children. He also explained how the magic that comes with him when he arrives at houses can sometimes lead to pets floating around the house because they don’t know how to fly properly. He sensibly gave their parents a little pouch of gold coloured magic to put on the Christmas tree. When their pets nibble the pouch it stops them from floating this seemed like a very sensible idea to every one their. I was a little worried that’s Mrs Claus would see this face book message and spoil the surprise but I understand she in not very tech savvy so it should be ok.
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