Reportage Wedding photography

Reportage Wedding Photography

This style can be very popular and involves following
the couple and guests as the day unfolds.
Recording events as they happen in a very unobtrusive manner.
The goal and narrative is to capture real and honest
moments as they unfold.
This style is all about observation, anticipation and spontaneity.

This is considered by many people to be the easy option in wedding photography.  The truth however, is very different it’s so easy to slip into simply photographing people standing talking or capturing images which convey nothing important and with poor composition. When viewing their images I want couples to tell me that they are seeing something from their day which they missed but has meaning and is special.  The bridal couple are hopefully having a wonderful time, but they are also the centre of attention and often feel added pressure.  It’s not surprising really that as a photographer you in a position to capture things they miss. I need to anticipate moments like a someone telling a story that will amuse everyone, or a quite moment of shared emotion.  If when I start processing images from a wedding I feel an emotional connection then I know that I have got it right.

It’s helpful to have a long lens so that people forget you are taking photographs it’s also important to really understand your camera so that a key moment is captured quickly and that images are sharp.


The next block will consider a contemporary style of Wedding photography