Its almost time for Santa

Santa is coming

What a lucky Photographer I am.  This is the second year that I have received that special call telling me that I have been selected to take a very special set of Father Christmas photographs when meets the very best of the best children.  This is all about providing mrs Claus with lovely photographs to put on the wall so she can see how her husband still has the magical charm.  Now some people get excited photographing minor celebrity’s and thats great, but credit where its due!  I must be doing something right to get such a prestigious and responsible job again.    Santa, yes we are now on first name terms was brilliant as always.  He totally captivated the children with his stories and humour.  Telling the elves off when they misbehaved in his special little sack was so funny and you could see in the children’s faces just how much they loving the magic.  To be totally honest capturing  photographs of these precious moments and being able to share with their parents was also magical for me.  The feedback from this shoot has been amazing and I have multiple bookings already for next year.  I just hope that I get the call again. I have a feeling that I will.

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Getting the lighting just right was straight forward.  My aim was to ensure that my key light the Rotalux octobox was going to provide me with light and shade particularly across Santas red coat and trousers.  Is that what you call Santa’s clothing? I’m sure there is a better description but I just don’t know.  Anyway my second light firing with less power was firing through a small metal circular box.  this light was to add a little effective rim light so the children were not in any shadow behind them.  this light also ensure that Santa”s face was not in any shadow at all.  we don’t want those lovely red cheeks to be under exposed now do we?

Who would have thought that two little dogs would be so relaxed that they could sit on Santa’s knee.  the little dog on the left was so chilled he never put his tongue away ones.  Anyway the lady who brought them along was very pleased and will bring them back next year.  Next year? oh yes we are taking bookings already and a few other dog lovers have already signed up.  my only worry is if the dogs get too old might they start to ask difficult questions?  you know what i mean, yes you do.

These two little treasures were completely captivated with Santa.  the older of the two met Santa last year so for her it was a very happy reunion.  her younger sister was confident and full of questions.  Of course Santa had all the answers.

author lovely family and a little boy who may have seemed a little long but to be honest seemed to love meeting Santa.

His big sister was so taken with Santa and you can see in the above image was completly at ease with him.

Trying to to get a lollipop of the pixie in his bag was not always easy.  Especially when they will keep takin their socks off and spilling their drinks.  worst of all one of them kept licking the lollipops and re raping them wrapping them up again.  Santa did explain that they are very clean.  just as well!

This lovely little girl had no fear of Santa at all.  she was one of two little girls who ran thought the room and threw arms around him.

So lovely when Santa laughs with this gorgeous little girl and copies her putting her tongue out.  she was so lovely and engaged with him so well.

This little angel is the daughter of one on my photography students.  are mother is turning out to be a great photographer.  So I invited her along with her camera and gave her a trigger so that she could also capture special moments.

So Santa needs a little nap and why not he does need to get ready for the busiest day of his year.  even though he took a break I could still hear those pixies i his bag having fun and fro what I could hear not working.  I told him when he woke up.

A brilliant family that i have photographed before.   They were so captivated by Santa and his stories their concentration was so clear they never noticed me taking photographs at all.

Its brilliant when a couple who’s wedding you covered some time ago introduce you to their lovely little girl.   maybe a little young this year but next year (hope they welcome back) will be a different story.

a lovely family who also provided the location for this shoot.  the little boy at the front was so happy he never stopped laughing the whole time they were together.  All in all a lovely way to prepare for Christmas, bringing  the magic into there lovely little lives.   the mothers have told me that the Christmas tree had to be put up a little early, so that the magic pack that helped the reindeers fly could he place in easy access.

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