Matthew and Anouska

  • 6 years ago

“Dear Phil,

I’m looking forward to seeing you later in the week and astonished by your continued modesty. You are a friend of mine (I hope) and I would find it difficult to provide negative feedback for that reason. However, the overall quality of this portfolio absolved me of any accusation that I’m being kind to you.

Matt and Anouski are delighted by every new wave of images, which is what matters more than everything else. You have brought out the best of a very pretty bride and a stunning dress and made her look beautiful on a very important day. You have also captured the essence of a great weekend, one of the best of my life, with all of the wedding and group shots.

I can’t thank you enough for fulfilling my trust in you and producing such a great set of images. You’ve made a number of the most important people in my life very happy and that makes me very happy. A thousand thanks.

When the project is over and you have completed the portfolio, can we talk about producing a bound album, for Clare. With your permission, when all is done and dusted, I’d like to post a recommendation on the “Which Local” website, which I mentioned to you. This is endorsed by “Which” magazine. Anybody can access the website and if they look for wedding or portrait photographers within a number of miles of their postcode they find recommendations from “Which” members. As I say, when you’ve finished the project, I’d like to post, but only with your permission Can we talk about it?