Steve and Cat

  • 5 years ago

“How lucky Cat and I were to find you through our very good friend Emma.

Searching for a photographer who would be as good as yourself is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are so many out there who provide so little with such high costs (and believe me we searched) .

From the moment we met you within the first hour I could tell you were passionate about what you do with the camera and it was not just a 9 till 5 job.

Phil you have the best equipment, best personality and the best eye to capture phenomenal shots like you did at our crazy wedding. Think no one else on the planet could have captured our day like you did as we never stayed still.

Thank you so much for being professional and friendly to all our guests and ourselves. Thank you for staying so late on our special day capturing the shots at the party afterwards especially that it was New Years Eve and you have your own family to be with. Again showing your dedication doing what you love.

We have shown nearly all of our dearest friends and family the DVD slide show you created for us and all have said how amazing it was(with a lot of tears, tissues and laughs)and how well you caught it.

We cannot thank you enough

Steve & Cat (Mr and Mrs Dale) X”