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People Photography


Portraiture is my overiding passion.  That is why virtually all my photography features people.

There are 43 muscles in the human face able to convey happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, anger, confidence, contentment.   However, these simple words cannot convey how emotions melt together allowing an image to be recorded that makes you smile or cry.   I like people and being around people so capturing them relaxed either in a posed portrait or doing something they love is for me what photography is all about.  When I am teaching photography and students have mastered their camera controls they are then ready to melt into the background while photographing for example, a wedding or street photography. They may also be working closely with a subject doing a 1:1 portraiture set.

Knowing your equipment

Photographers need to understand their camera equipment and lighting so well that they can engage with their subject and not complicate a conversation talking about technical issues.  If I am with someone new, then my aim is to help them relax into what ever environment we are in.

This could be a studio setting or on location.  The shoot may involve lighting or nothing more than a camera and the ambient light that is available.   If its a studio space then I want to give people a little time to relax into this strange environment.  My conversation will be about anything other than portraiture.  Its very often the case that the first few images captured look technically perfect. However, there is usually a point in a shoot when your subject just relaxes and the images begin to flow.   Something important is a smile.   Although I do not want all of my images to record a subject smiling the fact is that if I am smiling they will relax more quickly.   Because I am normally comfortable with people I have just met makes this engagement far easier.  This fact is well documented in the feedback I receive.  This particularly evident when my wife and I cover wedding photography.  Check the following link to read examples of positive feedback.

Studio Portraiture

I work within studio and on location providing a portraiture service.  On location can be for various client types including the NHS and various local business’s.    This can also include street photography and creative photography.

Creative Photography

My motivation for Creative photography is to challenge myself and is generally carried out without without a profit motive.

School Photography

Although I am not sharing sample images within my website I also provide a Portraiture service for schools.  School heads teachers often tell me that the previous photographer worked quickly and was not particularly interested in making sure that a child’s image was flattering.  My aim, although a little more time consuming is to ensure that the parents have something that has captured their child relaxed and recording a special time in their development.  Another important aspect of Portaiture is processing images within photoshop.

Image processing

There is a little confusion conserning what this means.  People have the idea of photographic manipulation and assume that means making big changes to everything about an image.   However, this is not the case when I take photographs with my camera set in “camera RAW” this means that the camera records data only.  I then process the image with more control than the camera on its own.  Here is a link to a course within my teaching page to help new photographers use either photoshop or light room properly.

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I am of Disclosure and barring service” approved but still would want or expect to work with children on my own.

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