Krunal and Druvika

  • 5 years ago


What to say about you. You are such a calm, modest and honest person. I remembered the first day when we met and how I asked too many questions and you replied to all them with a great smile. I spent such a memorable day with you in Newcastle where you promised to visit India and attend my marriage. And then the action begin by visiting India straight from Newcastle (UK) and I was honoured. You were there with me for 10 days in my wedding and you made it more memorable by taking such wonderful images and even got it in the local newspaper. My excitement doubled when you showed me the pictures. Every picture I would think this was the best but to my belief the next comes best too and it made it difficult to decide which one is best as all of those were awesome. You just made us look so beautiful; thanks to you dude.  You have made my wedding most memorable which I will be mesmerised by my whole life. I would like to see you soon in the near future. Thanks Phil for being there.

Krunal Shah”