Greenside family shoot

Family Photography

I love photographing people, so what can be better than capturing images of people young and old together within a family.   We all know children grow up so quick.  Every birthday brings little changes that are now mostly recorded with mobile devices.  However, if you want something really special then you can’t do much better than to have large beautifully mounted traditional print or canvas.  High quality photographs, capture a wonderful record of a particular time and occasion in your family’s history.

To make family photography affordable to everyone, I provide a full day scheduled family photoshoot where each family is with me for thirty minutes.  That does not sound long? trust me it works.  At the end of the shoot families are able to pick out six images from a large set.  working with sixteen families I am able to offer the service for £30 per family.  This covers the shoot and the required image processing.

Each family has an idea of what they want and thats exactly what they will get.  When i do school photography families are not present they can not influence the photographs being captured when they are there then they can explain that they want fun informal shots only for maybe a combination.  So the shoot may involve a few with school uniform and or in casual colourful clothes.  The images are then processed in photoshop and delivered on disc labeled with the family name and a copyright free message.  This allows you unrestricted control of your images.

Your images will only be used by me if you grant me permission to do so.

The images I provide on CD allow families to print as many high resolution prints as they like in various formats and sizes.  Please see below sample images and feedback from my last family shoot.  I also provide a box of funny hats, wigs, etc.  This option can distract and relax children who despite my big smily face a still a little nervous.





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