Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

One of the nice things about photographing Corporate events is that you are more often than not capturing people working in and around things that they are passionate about.  The range of opportunities in Corporate photography is vast from people working in IT, garages, building sites, and many other areas.

The thing all Corporate Photography includes is people.

The challenge is to capture people doing the things they do on a daily basis but in a way that demonstrates their passion for a business that really matters to them.  A lot of my work is for the NHS and for related organisations.  This can involve working within clinical environments so my previous life working for the NHS has been more than a little bit helpful.

When an organisation wants you to capture not only head shots but also staff being themselves and even featuring them showing off their hobbies and personal skills it makes my job more interesting and shows the world that the organisation has a personality.   Clearly this approach is not appropriate for all organisations.