Contemporary Wedding photography


You can ensure that a few key portrait images are going
to look stunning either on a wall or in and album

It’s important to remember the contemporary approach to a wedding photography set is an option in addition to both the formal and reportage style of photography. My approach to this is simple, weddings days are stressful, a bride and groom are not normally experienced models so many find it difficult to stand in front of the camera without clasping their hands or even pulling unflattering expressions.
No one understands this problem better than me. I am much happier behind the lens than in front of it so I know how nervous couples can be. Add to this the the pressure of wanting images that look beautiful and will provide a lasting memory of how their both looked on this so special day. There is also the time pressure, they are away from their guests and feel the need to get this done and rejoin the party.
My experience brings a few solutions to this situation. This first is timing I have walked the location in advance often with the couple to find the right setting for these contemporary images. To help get this small set of images right I also provide a few sample poses that couples can practice. If this seems artificial then it’s not a lot different to couples who choose to learn a complex steps for their first dance. A few practiced and relaxed poses can help couples find the confidence to look fantastic and that always leads to a relaxed and fun shoot just for a few special shots. It’s strange but when a couple realise that one or two portrait shots are working the pressure lifts and everything flows naturally.


The use of off camera lighting provides studio quality in any location. I am able with the help of my partner to control the ambient lighting and make sure the images have mood and drama.



The next block will be “To smile or not to smile”