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  • Its almost time for Santa

  • Santa is coming What a lucky Photographer I am.  This is the second year that I have received that special call telling me that I have been selected to take a very special set of Father Christmas photographs when meets the very best of the best children.  This is all about providing mrs Claus wi[...]
  • Self Discovery

  • What has self-discovery got to do with a blog about photography? Well everything. Photography can inspire creativity, invoke emotion, and help you see the wonderful world we live in through new eyes, well eye!, actually viewed through your camera lens. ( lets not even talk about holding the camera i[...]
  • Santa

  • How pleased I was to be the only photographer invited to photograph this special event. Mrs Claus had no idea that Santa arranged this special shoot to get photographs that would be used to make a special Christmas card. Santa called me out of the blue and asked me to find a few children who had bee[...]