Bride and Groom riding horses on the beach

When I covered Michael and Tara’s wedding the sun was shining and everything was going so well.   However, one of the ideas that sadly did not come together on the day was the involvement of their two beautiful black horses.  The plan was to have them bring Tara to the front of the venue in a beautiful fairy tale carriage.  Sadly one horse was having non of it and changing the harness to allow one horse only to pull the carriage technically just would not be practical.  Michael and Tara were clearly very disappointed and of course as a photographer so was I.  The location in Northumberland was part of a woodland and the setting could not have been better, or could it?

We discussed the idea of a shoot on the Tynemouth coast line, a wonderful stretch of sandy beach so typical of  what we up north take for granted.  In my head this would involve Michael and Tara galloping past me with water splashing with a fantastic autumn sky behind them.  Not wanting to sound a bit half a glass full but in my mind this seemed unlikely to be deliverable.  If the horses would not behave to pull a carriage then what are the chances that this would really come together?

To get the exposure I was looking for I would want to fire about 12 stops of lighting power.  In layman’s terms (a big flash of light).  this would probably cause the horses to rear up in the air throwing the couple into the sand.  Now thinking about this posibility it may even be better. ….   no lets get back to the plan.  Worse they could change direction and take me and my lighting set out.  So not so worried about me but my elinchrom quatra battery pack lighting cost so much money!

When we got to the beach I was met by the lovey Hazel Gee she replied to an invitation to assist with lighting posted on face book.   We met another young man on the beach who was over from Sweden Stephan Mark Stirnimann.  Stephan kindly provided the photographs of the photographs.  You know what I mean, oh yes you do.  So below are first samples of Steven”s photographs,  followed by my own.  The sky was wonderful, the horses performed perfectly, the lighting worked and we all had an amazing evening.  Its wonderful when the images in your head, well just work out. If you want to know more about this shoot and others on the horizon then please just ask.  Also please add comments hardly anybody does and it wolud let me know that someone has actually been here and even read this far. 😬


Hope you like this set.



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