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  • Formal Wedding Photography

  • Each week I will share information about my experience photographing weddings.  I hope this information will assist couples considering the various decisions and choices they will face when planning a wedding. Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, but there is an element of stress[...]
  • 1st Jazz 2015 Mirabello Festival

  • 1st Jazz Mirabello Festival Featuring SASSA PAPALAMPROU TRIO NANA SIMOPOULOS GROUP DIMITRI VASSILAKIS QUARTET A warm night in Crete at the Mirabello park in Plaka was the perfect setting for a night of Jazz. As the sun began to set and the the acts completed their sound check and the music flo[...]
  • Sports Photography

  • I am now covering fight nights for three Local Gyms in the North East of England.   I charge a fee to attend the event which covers my time also traveling expenses.  I then provide a set of sample of images from each fight on social media.   Images are then processed to order for any fighter who is [...]
  • Architectural Photography

  • More work in architectural photography has been great.  This had been made more satisfying as I am able now to utilise the brilliant Nikon 14mm-24mm 2.8 G lens. Although this is a very wide lens it is not a fish eye, so allows image capture with correct perspective even in small rooms.   A bi[...]