Teaching Options

Basics and Beyond

For Beginners.

This photography beginner’s course is aimed at students who want to get out of automatic mode and take control of their cameras. The course is structured to work for a small group of between five to ten students. This allows me to make the course affordable and also create a positive teaching environment where students can learn together and inspire each other. The course will ensure students are confident in basic camera controls before building to a full understanding of their camera’s capability.

All students have a passion for some form of photography. At the end of this course students will be taking photographs of things they love that will exceed their expectations. This is a promise and a fact confirmed within the many positive testimonials that I receive.

Mode of Delivery.

Course is delivered over 30 hours face to face with additional on line support
(10 x 1½ hour classroom sessions and 3 x 3 hour location sessions)

Inclusive to this course I also set up a private Facebook page where feedback on student images is provided both during and after completion of the course. More detail is provided at the end of this section.

This course is not about the class visiting a beautiful location and me telling them how to set their camera to capture that perfect photograph. This type of session is commonly advertised and may well deliver one or two great shots on that one outing. The problem is, what about the next time you go out?

Every time you use your camera the lighting is different, therefore the location will always present different challenges and opportunities. So, rather than learning how to take that ‘one-off’ perfect image on the day, I will teach you to understand why specific settings are entered into your camera so that you will develop the confidence to adapt and use your camera to its full potential.

You Will Learn How to Control Your Camera.

You will understand how the camera effectively ‘thinks’; for instance, when to apply compensation (brighten or darken an image) to ensure the perfect and accurate shot every time. So many times people have said to me “the camera just could not capture what I was looking at”. I can say, with confidence, this photography teaching course will ensure you won’t face that problem. When you understand how your camera works, you will know how to make the right adjustments before pressing the shutter release. You can then record an image which is beautifully accurate and probably exciting and creative.

Outdoor practical – landscape, waterfall and street photography.

This course includes a number of practical elements designed to reinforce what you are learning. Included in the course will be three outdoor practical shoots; landscape, waterfall and street photography. These will link directly to the tutorial sessions so what you learn in the classroom will be put directly into practice.

Total cost for the beginners photography course = £200 per person.

Basic and Beyond teaching is also available on a 1:1 basis and for some photographers specific parts of this course only can also be provided.

For a price to meet your specific need please make contact.

For students not able meet face to face a zoom version of this course can also be provided.