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  • Our approach to wedding Photography

  • The following presentation is intended to provide some general information about how we deliver a wedding service. It is used to ensure that a meeting with a couple flows covering the main points.  without the actual presentation delivery It does not cover detail or allow questions and answers.  The[...]
  • The benefit of having two Photographers

  • When I first started taking photographs at weddings I was working on my own, and although I gained experience over a long period of time, one factor remained the same I simply could not be in two places at once. So, when photographing a wedding service this would often mean I would be positioned in [...]
  • Posing Guides protected Gallery

  • Available to my Wedding couples Couples are dressed in beautiful clothes posed in front of a wonderful building or vista wanting images that look beautiful. However, not everyone feels relaxed in font of a camera, so on their wedding day this can add up to even more pressure. These few sample posin[...]
  • Wedding image slide shows

  • Couples can also choose to have their images presented in a slide show format featuring their own choice of music.  This option can include music for both first dance and walking down the aisle as well as other music tracks that they both love.  The show can be split into logical sections genera[...]