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  • Bride and Groom riding horses on the beach

  • When I covered Michael and Tara's wedding the sun was shining and everything was going so well.   However, one of the ideas that sadly did not come together on the day was the involvement of their two beautiful black horses.  The plan was to have them bring Tara to the front of the venue in a beauti[...]
  • Self Discovery

  • What has self-discovery got to do with a blog about photography? Well everything. Photography can inspire creativity, invoke emotion, and help you see the wonderful world we live in through new eyes, well eye!, actually viewed through your camera lens. ( lets not even talk about holding the camera i[...]
  • Greenside family shoot

  • Family Photography I love photographing people, so what can be better than capturing images of people young and old together within a family.   We all know children grow up so quick.  Every birthday brings little changes that are now mostly recorded with mobile devices.  However,[...]
  • Santa

  • How pleased I was to be the only photographer invited to photograph this special event. Mrs Claus had no idea that Santa arranged this special shoot to get photographs that would be used to make a special Christmas card. Santa called me out of the blue and asked me to find a few children who had bee[...]