Photography class

Learn the art of photography in one or more of the following 2 hour classes.

My classes are designed to help people develop the skills required to capture beautiful images. Everyone interested in photography has a passion and to capture images of something that you love can be really satisfying.  However, often the images taken with automatic cameras or phones just does not record what you see.  People often say to me “It’s just not possible to record how beautiful the view was”. Well that’s not true if you are in control of your camera you can do just that.  Whatever your passion is I can show you how to record images that you will be proud to share, or put up on your wall recording memories that will take you back to a special time.


Using a combination of interactive slides and sensible practical lessons I will remove the mystery of photography.

You will learn that all those confusing camera controls are designed to help you take control and help you record exactly what you see.

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I also realise that not everyone wants to be a professional photographer. That’s why my classes are designed to teach you exactly what you want to learn. The aim is to help you to improve and importantly to enjoy your photography. If however, you do want to take things further you can take the opportunity to handle profession camera and lighting equipment.  All classes are based on a combination of clear instructional slides and practical camera use.

Basic photography
Covers getting from auto to manual control including capture basic camera technique for one of the following areas.

  • Landscape
  • Portraiture
  • Still life
  • Macro (close up photography)

Advanced photography
Covers more advanced settings understanding exposure compensation high and low key photography.
Developing your particular interest to help you really make your images stand out.

Learn how to use lighting both on camera and off camera.  How to position light for maximum effect when capturing portraits.




You will also use various other photographic equipment to take your photography to the next level.

Lessons provided as 1:1 or group sessions. Lessons can also tailored to your particular needs or interests.

Cost 1:1 £35
Cost Group – five students minimum £20



After just one session I am off auto function and capturing some great memories. I am using functions and buttons I didn’t even know existed. Phil has a great knack of turning complicated into simple. His love and passion of photography rubs off on you so be prepared to not want to put your camera down afterwards! If you are looking for somebody to teach you how to use your camera properly then look no further.

Amanda Barron

Phil is a first-rate photographer who has great enthusiasm for sharing his considerable knowledge and expertise in all areas of the art. His ability to use light, both natural and studio, is very impressive. I would be thrilled to be able to produce images half as good as his.

Fiona Haughton

Can’t recommend Phil Puntons sessions highly enough. If you want to learn how to use an SLR camera I can recommend this course x

Susan Ross

Any budding photographers out there Phil is a genius and has so much knowledge to share

Danielle Jose

I am in the middle of a course with Phil Punton at the moment and I am enjoying learning how to use my camera.
If you have an SLR camera and want to find out how to use all its functions rather than just auto in a friendly easy going group sign up for this new course, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Andrea Ashcroft

Hi Phil,

I left the course yesterday quite jubilant. I learned more in the last half an hour than I had with my camera over the last two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to have a word after the session but I had a plumber calling at 11:30 and had to get back.

The first two sessions I was quite comfortable with the subject matter. Yesterday was inspiration to me. It brought together many fragments of conceptual understanding which I had not actually used or experimented with. The course in general is a great amalgam of theory, concept and practice and I am picking up so much practical photographic knowledge. Each session is a delight.

Best regards
Nick Bassarab



I really mean it! I’m still not 100% sure how I managed to pull it off but I’m massively proud of this pic and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your tuition. 🤗 I haven’t forgotten about getting you into the hospital to do some pics. There’s a lot going on at the minute and I just need things to settle down so I can sort it out properly. See you next week!


New Photography Course

New photography course beginning in September in asociation with Gateshead Council from the St Mary’s  Heritage Centre

photography course 21.09


Sample slide from lesson three dealing with compensation adjustments