Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Course

When you have mastered your cameras controls then it a good idea to learn how to polish your images in either photoshop or lightroom.  There is a perception that using software should not be necessary if you captured the picture perfectly in the camera.  However,  this is not the case with experience you may well move away from shooting in JPG format into camera RAW.  In camera raw the camera records data allowing you to finish the image of with software.   A simple example of how this extra control is a benefit can be explained with reference to sharpening.  With software the last thing you do with and image is to sharpen it.  There are a number of different levels of sharpening from gentle effect for a babies face to crisp sharpening for a car.  When you allow your camera to sharpen then its one size fits all.

When I am teaching photogaphy my aim is to teach students how to accurately record what they are seeing so that the image in the camera is never a disappointment.  Understanding how your camera operates and knowing how and when to alter settings is key.  But getting the image to look stunning is where I want to get students too.


An important aspect of photo processing is work flow.  Teaching students photo processing in a logical way helps in learning and also ensures that the process is enjoyable and not tedious.

A useful part of photo processing is learning how to create actions which allow you record steps ones and just press run to make controlled image changes to a photograph.  This may sound complicated but its not when you have this and other skills at your finger tips your enjoyment of photography is massively enhanced.

Cost £22.00 per hour and all presentation material used is shared electronically.