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  • Historic and Mythical Imagery

  • Background So what is this blog all about?  Well its called The “Historic and Mythical Imagery group” because it is made up of a group of creative people who love Historic and Mythical themes.  I know that a few of them probably wish they had lived in a different time. As a group our [...]
  • Historic and Mythical Imagery - Madame Suggia

  • Madame Suggia A few year ago I worked in Nottingham for a local company.  They wanted to recreate a painting by Augustus John named Madame Suggia.  The painting was beautiful and my attempt to reproduce it is featured below.  Although this was about 20 years ago it probably true to say that as a ph[...]
  • Family Photography

  • Family Photography I love photographing people, so what can be better than capturing images of people young and old together within a family.   We all know children grow up so quick.  Every birthday brings little changes that are now mostly recorded with mobile devices.  However, if you want someth[...]
  • Santa

  • How pleased I was to be the only photographer invited to photograph this special event. Mrs Claus had no idea that Santa arranged this special shoot to get photographs that would be used to make a special Christmas card. Santa called me out of the blue and asked me to find a few children who had bee[...]